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The Red Bus Children's Show

The Meadows (by the cricket Pavillion) until Monday August 30, 2010

A big red London Routemaster bus – of the iconic variety complete with open platform at the back, creaky stairs and pinging conductor's button – is an excellent venue for children's theatre.

The front seats of the upper deck have been removed leaving just enough room for a storyteller or small puppet theatre with children clustered around on cushions, while the grownups and less brave kids take up the remaining seats.

Eric Brennan provides a clear indication of the kind of Edinburgh-based storyteller invited to lead the six half-hour sessions every day. His time slot, aimed at under-fours, combines perennial playgroup favourite songs with song and rhythm-based fairy-stories. The occasional innovative variant line keeps the children attentive and their parents amused.

Quick stories, inventively told with the use of the occasional hand puppet or soft toy as prompt, keep the age group amused.

The Stage Thursday September 02, 2010

Craigmillar Books for Babies

Step Into Spring

Spring was definitely in the air today as we celebrated our Saturday rhymetime with Storyteller Eric Brennan at Craigmillar Library. It was wonderful to see so many families there and with a great array of songs, rhymes and stories, there was something for everyone.

We particularly enjoyed "Down in the Meadow Lived Old Mother Owl" "Little Peter Rabbit" "Row Your Boat" and the "Little Green Frog". The children were delighted with the hilarious book Octopus Socktopus by Nick Sharratt - so funny it had to be read twice! We were also treated to the beautifully illustrated I Love Animals  by Flora McDonnell. A great atmosphere today with lots of participation. Thank you Eric.

Craigmillar Books for Babies Facebook Page Saturday April 30, 2011